The Makiling Campus Runners – UPLB (MACRunners), a duly recognized student organization in University of the Philippines Los Banos, aims to promote running, as well as other aerobic exercises, as an affordable means to attain fitness and maintain health; to present Los Baños as a venue for sports and recreation; to encourage students and fitness buffs to engage in running activities;to support students and promising runners, including members, students and enthusiasts from the community, and their endeavors; to develop its members into leaders and to encourage environmental awareness by running in a clean, unpolluted, nature-filled community.


Inspired by the veterans of the club from the late 80’s, the Makiling Campus Runners (MACRunners) was revived in 2001, spearheaded by Prof. Myra Luz Abueg together with UPLB students, namely Karen Macalincag and Rey Oronan. Thus, it shares with the history of its predecessor that was founded in 1978.

Originally the Makiling Runners Club (MARC), it went through several changes in name but retained its reputation for being active and competitive in well known running events until it eventually became the Makiling Campus Runners.

With its revival and recognition in 2001 as a student organization of the University of the Philippines Los Baños and as a running club in Los Baños, the Makiling Campus Runners took in members from the UPLB Track and Field Varsity as well as students and professionals who were running enthusiasts from the community. The club was unified and reorganized together with the veterans of the organization and members became active in participating in road races, as well as officiating in athletic meets.

Its legacy though is the Makiling Challenge. The Makiling Challenge is a five kilometer fun run and ten kilometer competitive race along the slopes of Mount Makiling. It was first held in 2002 as the organization’s major project, and later it became an annual event hosted by the Makiling Campus Runners up to this date.

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